The Distraction of the Great Now

As anyone who reads my philosophical posts can tell I try not to address, too overtly anyway, any current event. I stated early on that I believe that it is far more important to discuss wider topics that may, by happenstance, be related to current events. To that end, it has been difficult in recent months, due to current events, to work on what I see as the natural progression of my work.

The topics are becoming more weighty and I find them harder to distill down into something manageable, and approachable, to an lay audience. Perhaps topics need be released in separate posts? That may be necessary. But regardless, due to recent events being so dominant in my thoughts, my next post will be a little more on the nose. Work is being done, and shortly I hope to release it. It’s working title, and opening line are:

“‘On the need for a new social revolution’

Or to the greater point, the need for society to realize itself once more and take back control of itself”

For those that do take the time to read my posts, thank you.

One thought on “The Distraction of the Great Now

  1. I agree, that the weight of topics to digest is indeed laden with a mountain of lodestones. There is a need for society to realize itself, but it must start with the individuals within society. There are too many walking around parroting the crowd without truly understanding the “topic.” Some are moving with a conscious effort to make changes not only within themselves but also in their communities. Even more are inertly turning a blind eye to it all, thinking they can’t do anything and continue to be the mice on the ever turning wheel of commerce going nowhere that makes an impact for the whole of society. It would be a great discussion 🙂

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