Why Pragmatism?

While engaging in casual, albeit political, conversations that draws out some of my deeper and developed thoughts, I often end up getting one of at least two responses. First, is in agreement followed by where I read about such and such idea, but then amazed that it didn’t come from the new media. Second, disagreement … Continue reading Why Pragmatism?

Revisiting “On a Call for Social Revolution”

On November 27 2018 I wrote “On a Call for Social Revolution." At the time I knew that it was likely a vain call for Americans to take a stand against what was, and since then has escalated into, one of the most dangerous Presidencies of this Nation. Vain in that I am but one … Continue reading Revisiting “On a Call for Social Revolution”

Status Update: Nine

The vibrations returned in the early hours as artificial rings. From my bed a voice, un-perceptible, spoke under the vibracious ring. I believe the others did not hear it, all the better health. I will try to forget this thing and return to my labor.

Status Update: Eight

*beep**beep*-prepare for incoming transmission-….-wait-….-transmission received-….Report - organic #788116 known locally as “Wagner” and his cohabitation organics continue to reside within assigned home unit. Physical and mental health are within parameters. Labor status remains the same; stimulus is having an effect. Recommend continued observation.….-end transmission-*beeeep*