Status Update: Forty Four

*beep* *beeb* -prepare for incoming transmission- .... -wait- .... -transmission received- .... Report - Organic #788116 know as Wagner has begun to display eradicate behavior. His other cohabitation organic too are showing unusual behavior. Labor status is focused but concern has been risen that it is focused toward some other end that is of on … Continue reading Status Update: Forty Four

What Resides Within the Seas (Fiction in a Flash)

I’m excited to add my small contribution to the Fiction in a Flash week 7 from Suzanne Burke. I have never participated in any of these before and it was a ton of fun. For those that read this I hope that you enjoy it, and please find a link below to Suzanne Burke’s site. … Continue reading What Resides Within the Seas (Fiction in a Flash)

Status Update: Forty Two

In the morning I found that the rumbling had surmounted into a steady throb co-located with my labor center. The others are no longer disturbed by the sensation. I found that the echoing hiss emitting from my computing machine as become a scream, overlaying some unintelligible murmur that seems to seek my understanding. …I must … Continue reading Status Update: Forty Two

Status Update: Forty One

The rumble that began yesterday continues to move my home unit but at a greater frequency. The others feel it now and are unsure, as I am, of its meaning. As I activated my computing machine to begin my labor, a soft hiss, like wind through a keyhole, echoed from somewhere deep within.

On What We Learned from Trump

It would be far too simple to make statements regarding the nature of Donald Trump. Too simple to cover all the horrific things the man has said and done from his campaign days, to today. Rather, what I wish to talk about is what we have learned about the people that are around us. What … Continue reading On What We Learned from Trump