On the Silencing of the Body Politic

In very recent days the President of the United States (POTUS) was fact checked by his favorite social media platform, Twitter. In doing so the company, and other social media platforms, have been threatened by the POTUS with new regulations, or Presidential orders, that would limit their ability to fact check the POTUS, or outright … Continue reading On the Silencing of the Body Politic

Why Pragmatism?

While engaging in casual, albeit political, conversations that draws out some of my deeper and developed thoughts, I often end up getting one of at least two responses. First, is in agreement followed by where I read about such and such idea, but then amazed that it didn’t come from the new media. Second, disagreement … Continue reading Why Pragmatism?

Revisiting “On a Call for Social Revolution”

On November 27 2018 I wrote “On a Call for Social Revolution." At the time I knew that it was likely a vain call for Americans to take a stand against what was, and since then has escalated into, one of the most dangerous Presidencies of this Nation. Vain in that I am but one … Continue reading Revisiting “On a Call for Social Revolution”