A Nation Trice Dividend

Today an appeals court upheld the Biden Administration’s push to require COVID-19 vaccines for private employers. I, and no one, should have any doubt that the Republicans governors and groups that brought the case will take this to the Supreme Court. While this is troubling in itself, it is not what I wish to discuss … Continue reading A Nation Trice Dividend

Notes On: “The Tyranny Of Merit” – Chapter Two

In Chapter Two of his work, entitled “‘Great Because Good’: A brief moral history of merit”, Sandel asked “When exactly did merit turn toxic, and how?” All Excerpt FromThe Tyranny of MeritMichael J. Sandelhttps://books.apple.com/us/book/the-tyranny-of-merit/id1498471753This material may be protected by copyright. Notes: “This is the idea that our destiny is in our hands, that our success … Continue reading Notes On: “The Tyranny Of Merit” – Chapter Two

Letting Go

What do we hold? Do we hold it for joy? Do we hold it for pain?If for neither, Why do we hold it?Think now more than ever We must let it go Surrender it to the pastFree it to who we were Not who we areIs this not simple? To let go for joy? To … Continue reading Letting Go