Today I’d like to talk about poetry. Now I’m not going to present an argument for the elements of poetry and it’s social role. No, rather I’m only going to just lay out the kind of poetry that I’m going to be posting. 

I am not great scribe of poetic form. I simple write when the passions, or creative muse, strikes me. Due to this the poetry that I write can be quite varied. Largely the poetry I write is fantastical or deeply emotion laden. It is likely that a large portion of the poems I post will likely be of that nature.

Of late I have spent some time studying form, style, etc. which has informed the structure of my poetry. To that end I will indulge to post poems that are studies of form and structure. I have no doubt that these well cause great pain to the reader, for that I apologize in advance. These I will likely indicate as such. 

I do not know if my next post will be a poem, that is my intention, or a continuation of my philosophical work. Assuredly, we will all soon find out. 

Thank you for your time. 

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