Three Years On…

A New Home — Read on I started this journey three years ago. Looking back it all seemed so ambitious. I have my ups and downs, slumps where I largely posted nothing. Then times, as these days have shown, where the muse (or events) have moved to me write with deep passion. I … Continue reading Three Years On…

Word a Day Poem, 28 January 2020

New Neighbors (parvenu) We moved into the neighborhood Shortly after coming into money It’s wasn’t the lotto Or a long dead uncle My mother had been promoted Opportunity that couldn’t be missed So the family packed And away we traveled A town where the sun was high Where the neighborhood streets were wide Avenues lined … Continue reading Word a Day Poem, 28 January 2020

Word a Day Poem, 25 December 19

This was an exciting one for me. The definition allowed for me to look at different directions. Evergreen Ever set upon my mind I see her through all time Ever growing Ever thriving Arms stretching about me Her love ever lasting All will love her None will have her She is love She is out … Continue reading Word a Day Poem, 25 December 19

Word a Day Poem 24 December 19

The word for today was a difficult write for me. There's a cultural history behind it and just didn't know how well to approach it. Definitely feel like it ended up sounding much as something I've written before. All that said, here it is. Luminaria A candle burns Against the wind A dim light in … Continue reading Word a Day Poem 24 December 19

Word a Day Poem 23 December 19

I continue my word a day poems. Discriminate To discriminate is human or so they say As classmates do dividing into little groups of difference To wait for revision of this human state is pain That does not abate Only endures day to day To cultivate in humans the sweet embrace of otherness Is to … Continue reading Word a Day Poem 23 December 19

Word a day Poem 22 Dec 19

I've decided to get back to writing I will try to write a single poem based on Merriam-Webster's word of the day. I'm not looking for amazing poems that will rock the world, just words on paper. That is always the start. Fulgent Resting on his head Fulsome light now shown from his crown as … Continue reading Word a day Poem 22 Dec 19

Day Trip

I remember driving up the narrow mountain road Near on to summers end to find some quiet moment Landstuhl castle was beautiful this time of year. It’s ruins lined with trees and soft grass grounds. The sun would shine through wind shaken leaves. I rolled the windows down and let nature in Pushing my seat … Continue reading Day Trip

Steeping Tea

Drip, Drip, Drip, Drip, They say that you should never squeeze the bag, after it steeps Doing so tends towards bitter tea, Like so many things It seems a waste to put aside, With so much left to give Patiences has never been a strength, When waiting on life’s little things But I do like … Continue reading Steeping Tea