Words of the World… Unspoken

Tell me friend. How does one speak to the world?Does one yell from a mountain top and hope for a reply?Or does one speak to the trees, commune with them, and listen for an answer?I deeply wish to know. I wish to know their stores.I long to hear their tales.All they have seen, all they … Continue reading Words of the World… Unspoken

Status Update: Sixty Six

Deep cracks grew as I and the others took our rest. I woke in the morning to find the portal to our home unit torn asunder. Beyond it, I and the others beheld the dancers swaying once more, and the figure with one hand raised, palm out, beckoned our approach. Hand in hand with the … Continue reading Status Update: Sixty Six

Status Update: Sixy

Although faded the murmuring truth continued unabated through the night. My home unit trembles as cracks begin to form around its front portal. The others can only stair in awe and these events. To continue with my labor now, now that all this is revealed, seems… futile… and a lie. The figures hand as dropped, … Continue reading Status Update: Sixy

Status Update: Fifty Nine

Something is happening. Just beyond the walls of my home unit, visible now from my windows, something… no no, someone is happening. The dancers, who until now have swayed to unheard music, encircle this figure as a single finger from its hand points toward me. The silence that enclosed seems broken and we, I and … Continue reading Status Update: Fifty Nine

Status Update: Fifty Four

A single thread of dazzling light cuts through the un-light to shine on my home unit. All are well and rejoice in this return. I focus my labor toward new light and it’s hope. Movements have begun beyond my window. The short of the individual and the others is drawing to an end, as my … Continue reading Status Update: Fifty Four