Status Update: Fifty Four

A single thread of dazzling light cuts through the un-light to shine on my home unit. All are well and rejoice in this return. I focus my labor toward new light and it’s hope. Movements have begun beyond my window. The short of the individual and the others is drawing to an end, as my … Continue reading Status Update: Fifty Four

Status Update: Fifty Two

Although subsided, the drumming became quieter in the hours of darkness. Within our home unit the others and I find it hard to ignore it as the drumming becomes polyrhythmic and seductive. As I begin my labor I realize the tiny movements have grown… …the dancers have returned…

Status Update: Fifty One

A drumming, distant yet clear, filled my home unit this morning. It is steady with deep rhythmic under tones that, while disturbing, moves I and the others. Sitting at my labor, I see tiny movements out my viewing port, that seem in unison with the relentless beat.

Status Update: Fifty

Once more I wake to find heat filling my home unit. Perspiration seems to glisten from the walls themselves. The others endure the wave. I find that the mold soot has transmuted into an ichor that covers my computing machine. My labor begins with great discomfort at these events.

Status Update: Forty Seven

Warmth slowly returns to my home unit this morning. But with it un-light surges once more creating unnatural shadows. The others have noticed this, but continue with their deeds. As I begin my labor I find a film of mold soot has covered my computing machine.