On the Rise of Religious Extremism

The title of this post may lead the reader to think that I am speaking on the events of Afghanistan, or Muslim extremism in general. In this assumption the reader would be wrong. As it stands, along with this short post, I am working on a discussion on a disturbing trend within the United States. That is the abandonment of logic and reason to the adoption of cult like beliefs. There I will ask a question such that, how do these beliefs harm a society? In thinking on that, and on recent events, it occurred to me that the ability to take up these cult like beliefs, and often see them implemented into policy, has its roots in deep religious belief. That deep religious belief has founded a new religious extremism in this nation.

In recent days the State of Texas was allowed to impose one of the most extreme anti-abortion policies in the United States. This policy has come into effect due to a deep failing of the United States Supreme Court. It is a failing that does not itself exist just within the Court, but it is a failing that has been developing in the minds of ring wing Christians in this Nation for years. That is a genuine, and very real belief, that all people within this Nation should live their lives according to Christians beliefs. We see this with the insistence that birth control should not be covered by health insurance, to the massive push to abolish abortion.

These actions, these ideologies, these policies, are simply not consistent with a well functioning liberal democracy. They are not the actions of people who have the health of a society at the forefront of minds. These are the actions of those that have only their religious beliefs, as paramount above all else, at the fore of their minds. These are the actions, ideologies, and policies, or religious extremists. Of course, against all evidence, they will deny this. They are, whether they know or understanding it, simply lairs. They know, deep within their hearts that they are extremist. They know this because of the outcry of those that are their victims. But they are deaf to the cry’s, they are blind to the pain, because they truly believe their religion makes them right.

Let it be clear, that this righteousness is no different then any other religious extremist group world wide. It does not matter what the religion is, right wing elements of that religion will attempt to impose their law upon a societies people even if the people are against it. That is what we are seeing in the United States. We are seeing right wing Christian extremism making headway in American politics. It’s goal, the goal of the people who support it, is to strip away the personal freedoms of men and women, but specifically women, to make their own life choices. All so they can be in control, and have no need to be uncomfortable, and feel all mighty and righteous.

For those who are non-religious, or who at least understand the importance of a secular public society, a fight must be taken up. We must identify these people for what they are, religious extremist. We must label them as religious oppressors. We must make it clear that their goals, their very beliefs, go against all conceptions of a just society. They go against all conceptions of a liberal democracy. We must ensure that these Christian extremist can no longer victimize people in this society just because of how they wish to live their lives.

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