Notes On: “The Origins of Totalitarianism” – Four

“Outside all social restraint and hypocrisy, against the backdrop of native life, the gentleman and the criminal felt not only the closeness of men who share the same color of skin, but the impact of a world of infinite possibilities for crimes committed in the spirit of play, for the combination of horror and laughter, that is for the full realization of their own phantom-like existence. Native life lent these ghostlike events a seeming guarantee against all consequences because anyhow it looked to these men like a “mere play of shadows. A play of shadows, the dominant race could walk through unaffected and disregarded in the pursuit of its incomprehensible aims and needs.”

Excerpt From
The Origins of Totalitarianism
Hannah Arendt
This material may be protected by copyright.

Is this not the attitude of the ultra-wealthy across the world today? Now, they need not to run to other lands to be free of “social restraint” or law or justice; their money is the native land of some far off place. Their money allows them to play their wildest dreams, commit crimes against not some unnamed barbaric people but against those that should be their fellow citizens. Their superiority is the economic advantage over others which allows them to act with impunity, never to face judgement. They have “escaped the reality of civilization”.

These sorts have long been a reality within American society. For many years those of great wealth allowed themselves to stand outside politics, believing that it was not just for them to use their great wealth to influence society or law. At least this was the case with those of old money. The new rich did not feel this way. These then were the individuals then, and now, that use their wealth against the people, against society, for their own enjoyment, the own pleasure, feeling right that justice will not be leveled against them. Truly believing that their wealth gives them some natural right over others. This is the true nature of Donald Trump and his family. Superfluous people who supply little to social good, but use their wealth to harm others, and play amongst poor to revel in their own opulence.

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