Notes on: “The Origins of Totalitarianism” – Three

“This has been possible because the English gentry, from the seventeenth century on and in ever-increasing numbers, had assimilated the higher ranks of the bourgeoisie, so that sometimes even the common man could attain the position of a lord. By this process much of the ordinary caste arrogance of nobility was taken away and a considerable sense of responsibility for the nation as a whole was created”

Excerpt From
The Origins of Totalitarianism
Hannah Arendt
This material may be protected by copyright.

The removal of this nature is a fundamental flaw in American society and government. The removal of ‘nobility’ from its structure has created a false sense of equality among Americans. The feudal classes exist within this nation at some level. Those at the top know they are their; they hide this fact to give those of the lower class a false sense that they may some day achieve that high level. It is a largely a lie. While one may find a way to ‘buy’ oneself into wealth and into the aristocracy, the odds are shockingly low. This means Americans, through laws, social media, and conspicuous consumption, are fed the ideal that there is no aristocracy at all. There is nothing noble about this lie, it is designed to marginalize and keep blind the body politic. Sadly, the election of Donald Trump in 2016, is a representation that the lie is working, and only becoming more powerful.

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