Up Coming Posts

I thought I’d give an update on the status of my blog. I have working on a long form post on the changing nature of the American military. I am also in the beginning stages of right on an American Oligarchy. And, I am finally ready to wrap up my “Status Update” line with last post that will come tomorrow.

I have been, well… very reluctant on posting that last one of that series. The finial post corresponded on my last day of telework. It was the 100th day of working at home, which was in know way planned. I was highly fulfilling completing all of these posts and I was happy to share them. It is a bitter sweet time to be closing out that story.

Along with the two long form post I mentioned above, I am currently working on a group writing project with a fellow writer. He is definitely more experienced with the story form of writing, so I am excited to be working on this with me. I also plan on continuing the “Status Update” series, which I believe I may have mentioned in a previous post. I have also been, on occasion, been post short poems on my Twitter account. I plan posting more poems here, but if you’d like you can find my on Twitter as well.

That I believe is all for now. The road is looking good, now it is time to take the next step.

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