Congressional Communication for 23 July 2020

Below you will find a communication that I sent to my Senators and Representative. If you so wish please use these words to communicate to your own.

Right now you, and your colleagues in the GOP, are watching the news. You are seeing that the President of the United States is utilizing not the military, but unmarked federal agents to strike fear into the American people. No, those agents are not being sent to Wyoming. No, they are not being sent to bastions of conservative politics. They are being sent to cities where the people are rising up and demanding justice and change. They are attacking peaceful protesters. Arresting citizens that have done nothing more then exercise their Constitutional right to free speech. Federal agents, for who governors and majors have demanded their removal, are attacking American freedoms.

Before you respond with a need to secure federal buildings or property, to stop rioting, lest you forget that not so long ago armed men and women took the the streets. Marched on court houses and state capitals, to demand the right to get a hair cut. Men and women participated in what amounts to armed revolt so they didn’t have to wear a mask and could eat in a restaurant again. The President did not send in the National Guard then. He did not send shady unmarked federal agents to attach and arrest these men and women. No, he did not and would not. Not because they were armed (albeit that was a factor) but because they all supported his agenda, and apparently yours.

These federal agents are being used in the same way authoritarian rulers use agents to eliminate opposition. The President does not like that people that do not look like him, think like him, or kiss the ground he walks on, are protesting injustice and himself. Rather then genuinely addressing the very real concerns of protesters the President vilifies them, others them, and makes them an enemy of his ideal state. Which I can only imagine looks much like himself.

I do wonder, what would the President do if all those protesters were armed as the Presidents supporters were armed? Would those federal agents be using live rounds? Would the President declare martial law? Or would he allow the protesters to say what they need? Would he sit down and listen to their demands and find a compromise? I think be both know that he would attack, use the full force of the government to put down the people.

My question is this, who do you care about? The people you are meant to serve? Because you do serve us, all of us, even if we didn’t vote for you. Or do you serve the GOP, the President, or just your own self ego? The President has become an enemy of the people, how will history remember how you responded to this threat?

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