Status Update: Twenty Four

In the violent hours preceding this new un-light that bathes my home unit, I heard a voice. Unintelligible, but clear and heavy. The others are well but murmur now of things unseen, as I too have. My labor continues to, I fear, to some silent applause.

Status Update: Twenty Three

*beeb* *beeb* -prepare for incoming transmission- .... -wait- .... -transmission received- .... Report - organic #788116 known locally as “Wagner” and his cohabitation organics continue to reside within assigned home unit. Physical and mental heath is well, but nearing limits. Labor status is in flux as organic unit appears to becoming aware. Recommend close observation … Continue reading Status Update: Twenty Three

On a Marxist Understanding

Those that have read my earlier posts, those that began my work toward developing a pragmatic approach, will likely know the root of my motivation and philosophy (that being my genuine end goal) is Marxist in nature. I do not call upon his popular works as a source of inspiration. Rather it is those earlier … Continue reading On a Marxist Understanding

The Great Need of Now

Over the last few days I have been attempting to come to grips with what is going on in the United States and what is needed. I will not call it a madness; I will not call it a chaos; I will not call it an insanity. I will call it pain. Such great pain … Continue reading The Great Need of Now