CDC says U.S. has ‘way too much virus’ to control pandemic as cases surge across country (A news reaction)

From “CDC says U.S. has ‘way too much virus’ to control pandemic as cases surge across country” CNBC

In the below link we are given yet another reminder of the dangerous position the Nation is in with this virus. It must be made clear, though I would like to think that it goes without saying, that the spread of the virus at this stage falls squarely in the hands of Donald Trump and his supporters. It also fall in the hands of every governor who has opened their States, and in spite of record high cases, continue to allow their citizens act recklessly.

Once more we see how dearly the Nation, and it States, need leadership that has the bravery to do what is needed to protect its people. Leaders that have the bravery to be honest with citizens about the dangers of the virus. Leaders that have the bravery to look citizens, voters, in the eyes and tell them that their willful ignorance is foolish and dangerous to themselves and others.

“We can affect it, but in terms of the weather or the season helping us, I don’t think we can count on that,”

Dr. Anne Schuchat

The numbers are clear. The science is clear. From Dr. Schuchat words it is clear that unless Americans change their ways, the virus is going to get worse. The only way we are going to limit the impact of this virus is for people to practice social distancing, wear and mask, and show at least a small amount of respect for the health and safely of their fellow citizens. Sadly, until we get leadership that has that level of care, and people stop listening to right wing media, more people are going to feel the long term negative impacts of the virus. (CNBC article)

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