The Great Need of Now

Over the last few days I have been attempting to come to grips with what is going on in the United States and what is needed. I will not call it a madness; I will not call it a chaos; I will not call it an insanity. I will call it pain. Such great pain of a people who have historically been held down by the very system that is meant to protect them. All the while the one man in the Nation that should be working to discover the root issue, has done nothing of any aid.

Then today, being 1 June 2020 as I write this, that one man, the President of the United States effectively declared war on the American people. He had police and National Guard soldiers open fire with tear gas, flash bangs, and rubber on peaceful protestors so he could go for a walk and make a mockery of religion, American values, and justice. As I read about the events I tried to think of a President of this Nation that has done such a thing, and I could not.

There was one person that this action did remind me of, Caligula. Much like the Roman Emperor the President, in a time of crisis, has played music while the city burned around him. The President has chosen the way of self indulgence and self aggrandizing rather then placing the American people first. Much like Caligula, the President has shown himself the be a true moral monster. He has shown this continually over the years but have now reached the zenith of his immoral actions. He has shown himself to be a true enemy to the body politic, the whole of the American people.

The protests must continue, the people cannot relent. While I dislike looting, vandalism, the destruction of property, maybe it is time that we burn it all down. I would rather see true peaceful protests, but if the powers of government will not allow it, if they continue to fire on legal peaceful protesters, then let the rioting began.

Yes Caligula watched the world burn, but it was not long after before his rule ended. Let this be the beginning of the end for the current President. Let these be his last days in office. Let the world remember him as the disgrace that he his.

The great need of now then, what is it? It is the need for Revolution. Vive la Revolution! Vive le Peuple!

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