Why Pragmatism?

While engaging in casual, albeit political, conversations that draws out some of my deeper and developed thoughts, I often end up getting one of at least two responses. First, is in agreement followed by where I read about such and such idea, but then amazed that it didn’t come from the new media. Second, disagreement also followed up by where I read, or was told, or what I watched, to give me such an idea. In both cases I answer truthfully; my thought are derived from reading various authors of philosophy and sociology, synthesizing those ideas found within and developing an new understanding. In either of the types of responses I get, the result of being told this is the same: “Well thats just your opinion”, or “Yes, but how do you know you’re right”. These are replies I often find to be the result of those that I am engaging with only holding views because that is what they have been told to believe. Be it via the news media, viral websites, or other less then reliable sources. What does this all have to do with the topic of this post, “Why Pragmatism?”.

I have approached my thinking pragmatically, or at least under my view of it, with the hope that by doing so I will be able to approach the greatest number of people. The greatest number of those that have grown accustom to being told what and how to believe, and move to inspire their motivations and direct them toward more moral and just action. Too often we become intrenched in our views, becoming dogmatic, and do not, or cannot, see another’s view. This reality has become all the more prevalent since 2016 for both those on the hard right and the hard left. That said, it must be made clear, those on the hard rights views have become highly dangerously to democracy. Due to this, I began to form my thoughts around an approach that would allow me support my genuine belief in the cause of just action for the majority, while also trying into deliver these ideas to the widest group. Thus enters a pragmatic approach to reach the most amount of people.

I am not so egotistical to believe that my thoughts are wholly and completely original. Nor do I believe that this simple, and small blog is going to change the world. It has, and will continue to be a place where I can work my thoughts out. A place that, should someone stumble upon it, will hopefully allow that person to find something of import that will change the way they approach action.

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