Revisiting “On a Call for Social Revolution”

On November 27 2018 I wrote “On a Call for Social Revolution.” At the time I knew that it was likely a vain call for Americans to take a stand against what was, and since then has escalated into, one of the most dangerous Presidencies of this Nation. Vain in that I am but one small voice in a sea of a others; vain in that what I called for was Americans actually standing for something. All has not been lost, many attend marches, protests, and call for change, and yet all of this is not enough. This has become all the more clear in the first few months of 2020.

Because of the rise of COVID-19 the only protests that we have seen have been those extreme right wing nationalist, that are so open to the misinformation fed to them by talking heads, that they have become unable to see truth. I want to be clear, it is the responsible thing to do to stay home in this time of pandemic. But there must continued action. If those that place truth, justice, common sense, logic, and right, above what is economically and politically advantageous, do not press hard for change then those that continue to see the current President as some pariah of greatness will destroy us all. Those very individuals have been the ones taking to the streets, armed and prepared to use armed insurrection to do the Presidents bidding. This is the threat we face.

The need for a social revolution is still paramount. The extreme right is using this time of crisis to change the world for the worse. Not just in the United States, but all over the world. So what can the rational world do against such willfully damning behavior? What can it do during these trying times? Baring actions that could lead to the spreading of this virus, we must move our activities online.

But not the online that has become in the 2010’s. Not the online of quick movements and promises of action, and tags of support. Real action that leads to individual letters, emails, and phone calls, to elected officials. This is the way in which we need to use an online platform. Activism is not changing your social status to state to you stand with whatever is going on. Activism is doing as I stated before: writing letters, emails, and making phone calls. It could also be more. Activism could look toward online gatherings. Making the use of technology to ensure individuals in the fight may continue to be connected.

American’s, active citizens of our body politic, must take action. We cannot afford to hope that in November that the cancer that has taken over the Presidency will simple disappear. We must fight for true justice, and leadership, from a position and political party that has the care of all people, not just those that benefit them, in their hearts and minds.

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