Day Trip

I remember driving up
the narrow mountain road
Near on to summers end
to find some quiet moment

Landstuhl castle was beautiful this time of year. It’s ruins lined with trees and soft grass grounds. The sun would shine through wind shaken leaves.

I rolled the windows down
and let nature in
Pushing my seat way back
I let my feet hang out
The sun and wind played then
dancing on my toes

Up there above the city things were a little slower. Rushing gave way to simple moments in the sun. Picnics and wine and laughter.

I dozed on and off that day
nothing could or would stop that
Not the sound of feet
nor laughter or yell
Peace had found me then
if only for that moment

That time of year it can grow cool in the evening. Picnics and wine are packed and loaded. Cars begin their journey downward. The day has ended as all things do.

I close my eyes now remembering
smiling with a sigh
Of driving up a narrow mountain road
to feel the sun and wind on my toes