Congressional Communications, 15 May 2019

In recent days state legislatures in the South and Midwest of the United States have passed statutes that highly restrict the ability of women to seek abortions. These laws are little more then religions attacks on personal freedoms and must be met head on by those who support a women’s right to control her own reproductive health. Below is communication that I have sent to my Federal representatives.


I write you today to voice my growing concern regarding the thinly veiled religious attacks that are mounting in various state legislatures. I believe that you will fully aware of what I speak of, or should be fully aware. The resent influx of statutes being passed in state houses of governance, that greatly limit the ability for women to seek an abortion, are truly little more then religions attacks on personal freedoms. Religion is being used in government to attack a women’s right to control their own reproductive health.

These highly restrictive statutes, bordering on bans, on abortion have no basis on objective science or medical practice. In the cases in which medical terminology is used in justification it is highly manipulated and used improperly. Or, in addition to this, these laws completely ignore scientific evidence and best medical practice in favor of imposing religious dogma on others. This is made all the more evident given the nature of some of these statutes would go as far as to ban the used of forms of birth control that are widely accepted as beneficial to women if all ages. Of course banning birth control also restricts women from control other their own reproductive health.

While I understand that individual states have the authority to pass laws as they see fit, within the bounds of the Constitution, I can think of no reason why such religious attacks on citizens would be allowed to continue. I hope that you have the vision to see how damaging these moves are to individual freedoms, and that you will support a woman’s right to control her own reproductive health, without the interference of religious radicals. Such statutes, founded on clear religious dogma, undermine the foundations of this Nation.

Please support a message to the Supreme Court to maintain precedent and uphold Roe v. Wade in its broadest legal sense.

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