The Prayers of the Travelers

With this collection the reader will find a compilation of prayers and sayings that can be found uttered by travelers this boundless world far and wide.

Although it will be the case that there will be found regional differences within the wording, or the naming, the vast majority found within shall have global context. At least represented amongst those who speak the Common tongue.

That said, the reader should also be aware that due to the glorious verity of spirits, gods, and goddesses, the closing lines, when found, have been greatly generalized.

In closing this introduction herein, prior to each forthcoming entry a brief line or two will be given touching on the history and origin of the given text.


Turaous Urbril, Bard

p.s. the author accepts no fault for any prayer misspoke, or miss transcribed at the time of gathering, that may lead to harm or untimely death. This text is to inform the traveler but does not promise safety.

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