On Scheduling & Twitter

Recently I have found the need to create a more focused approach to delivering content to readers. As such I’ve decided that I need to create a publishing schedule of sorts to keep me on track. To thAt end I am going to attempt to keep the following dates for content:

  • Major Topic: Published the last Tuesday of each month. These will constitute the heaviest lifting in regards to dedicated thought and philosophical content.
  • Sub-topics: Published the second Tuesday of each month. Sub-topics may consist of many different topics from congressional commutations to building blocks for major topics, or just random thought about a current event.
  • Poetry: Published twice monthly. I’m not going to give a hard a fast day for poetry as it is so much dependent on the will of the Muses for me. I will however endeavor to produce twice a month.

Additionally, I’ve started a twitter account for the blog. If you’d like you can follow me there at rockymountainmusing.com.

Be well!

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