How does one begin to share ones thoughts onto the world? Moreover, how does one reengage where once one had done so for some time but halted? Slowly, it would seem. So too with deliberance. With slow deliberance then I shall begin once more to lay down my thoughts, beliefs, passions, and to do so as logically as I can.

This, the logical development of things, is the most important. It is also which requires slow deliberance. I could, as many do, simply rail against the misgivings of the world. Stream as one gone mad in desperate hope of finding sense of the world. No. Surely this will not, and should not, do. Least of all given the mad political world in which we find ourselves of late.

It is to that now I wish to only speak briefly. I do so as merely a preamble to what may come in future, slow, deliberate, posts:

On 8 November 2016 this nations body politic placed into its presidency a man that possess all the hallmarks of a racist. All the trappings of a bigot and sexist. All the bellicose rhetoric of a xenophobic, ethnocentric, nationalist. The majority of the body politic has surrendered its sovereignty to a man who has repeatedly shown himself to have no intent, or ability, to actually govern for the whole of the people. I did not vote for this man. But I must be clear as to why.

What I have listed as being the qualities of the man should not been seen as ad hominem attacks used to justify some other argument. Rather these qualities, in all there negative aspects, are the root for my action.

My action, that is not voting for this man, is rooted in the qualities he has shown upon the world. It is those qualities that I find morally repugnant. Racism, bigotry, sexism, xenophobia, ethnocentric nationalism, reek of immorality. They are symbols of a belief system that does not see all people as being equals.

In brief, as I said it would be, my choice not to vote for this man was a moral one. My choice was one that said I would not stand for such hate and ignorance to sit at the highest position of power in this nation. Alas, my choice has been over written by the majority of the national body who seem, themselves, to be indifferent at best to immorality.

But on this matter I will rest. Fore me the hour grows late. In that I find myself readied to do onto things I promised not to. So I shall take my leave and think slowly, and deliberately, to draw my thoughts into focus. 

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