Philosophical Assumptions & Comment

In preparing my next post, ‘The Moral Vote’, it occurred to me that at the root of my conversations I will draw upon language that may not be universal. The philosophical language of ethics, political theory, epistemology, etc., may not be widely understood by all readers.

Wherefore, with a desire to remain as concise as possible, I have made the decision to not define, in brief or otherwise, the terms and language that will be used throughout these posts. To that end I will make the assumption the language is understood. In those instances where it is not, I take that it is for the reader to acquaint ones self with those terms that are not understood.


It is often tempting to feel the deep passion of a news event and have the desire to comment on it as soon as possible. I am not immune to the pull of these passions. Assuredly, I have made many rants elsewhere concerning my joy or displeasure about an event. Here I will endeavor to avoid such comments.

There was a time when individuals would sit amongst themselves and discuss the news of the day. This conversation would be informed by their taking in of a local news paper that had prepared an analysis of any particular event. The processing of information and new knowledge was slower and ideas had a longer incubation, as it were, period prior to entering into the wider public sphere.

Likewise, the slow deliberance with which I will approach events many take some time. This will likely mean that whatever I am commenting on may well be ‘old news’. I believe that this is a nature product of the process of considering things closely before comment on them. Therefore, I will make no attempt to keep up with current events.

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