A New Home

For very many years I have put my words down in a different location. For long I found that location to be sufficient for my needs. Now, though, as I look back over previous blogs that I have written there, I have found that what I was doing, and what I want to do now, do not match. I’m sure that I could go through and delete those old posts that do not figure into my thoughts now, or my wishes, but I feel like that would be dishonest to what I felt and needed to put out to the world at that time.

To that end I have found myself here. Beyond this first post I will not beleaguer the reader with personal stories or anecdotes. Rather I see my new home as being a location to share my thoughts on philosophical ideas and poetry. There will be a ‘flurry’ of posts to begin that will then even out into more regular posts. The first of this flurry will be a preamble that will lay out the intension of the philosophical side of this site. Following will be a few posts that will address topics that I have previously worked on.

Thank you for visiting this site. I look forward to sharing with you my musings on the world.

One thought on “A New Home

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